BitBlock is a cryptocurrency leveraging company that utilizes and monitors blockchain technologies. We specialize in using multiple platforms alongside with emerging technology to grow in parallel with this young market.



Though most crypto investors tend to hold 1-3 assets, market data suggests that a more diverse portfolio results in better performance over the long run. We make diversification easier by offering a way to invest in the best of blockchain without the hassle of continuous market research and portfolio upkeep.

Our index consists of the most promising assets in the market–each continuously analyzed to meet several standards of criteria. Asset allocation is optimized to have a practical ratio of low risk, established core assets alongside with higher risk, more speculative investments; allowing us to take advantage of the emerging market while still maintaining steady growth.

Keeping our priorities straight

 While assets will undoubtedly experience large growth over the coming years, our Index is designed to prioritize locking in a consistent flow of profit rather than trying to squeeze the largest possible ROI from a particular investment. This is due to our findings which show, over time, entering and exiting the numerous waves of market volatility generally prove more fruitful than blindly holding assets in anticipation of eventual growth.



Since we’re not used to seeing the kind of market volatility that currently affects most cryptocurrencies, many blindly label this trait as a negative one. We take a different approach by embracing volatility as an opportunity.

In & Out

Our index thrives on taking advantage of macro trends; by analyzing a combination of technical analysis, market sentiment, and real time events, we determine opportune entry/exit points to act upon, regardless the direction the market is headed.

Make profit, not promises

Our index is designed to carry the least amount of risk possible. By analyzing market data, we calculate entry points that carry the highest probability of short term recovery growth. By layering our entry/exit points in a conservative manner, we ensure that over 90% of our trades are in the profit.


The only thing more confusing than investing in cryptocurrencies is how to properly file your tax return afterwards. We take the hassle and confusion out of your hands by providing all investors with the proper paperwork and information to seamlessly file your taxes at the end of the year.